Incotec announces breakthrough with new yield accelerator

GeniusCoatâ„¢ is a novel blend of specific humic and fulvic acids incorporated in a specially developed film coat formulation for use on cereals. The balanced level of humic substances enhances crop nutrition by influencing the water-retaining capacity of the soil and stimulating root development, which potentially increases yield.

Trials have been completed worldwide at different locations and under varying conditions. In more than 73 trials performed on cereals, an average yield increase of 4.5% was attained.

GeniusCoatâ„¢ gives cereal plants a robust root development making the plant better equipped to exploit the natural resources of the soil. This can provide improved vigor, stronger tillering, an increased number of heads per square meter and ultimately higher yields (grains and straw).

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Source: Incotec – Enkhuizen