In #theweekof, we get to have a look within the workweek of young professionals in Seed Valley.

Hello, I am Joost, 27 years old and I have been working as a Junior Researcher Seed Production Research at Enza Zaden in Enkhuizen since 2019. An international family company active in more than 30 vegetable crops.

As Junior Researcher, I deal with research that supports vegetable and seed production. Of course, I don’t do this by myself; there are four of us in the research team and we work together with the operational seed production department. That department produces seeds on a large scale, ready to be sold. My team is always working on different research projects. Throughout the year, we get enquiries, such as problems with pollen, plant balance or what could cause a fruit not to have enough seeds. We then look for the right solutions. I am happy to take you with me through my work week.

Thanks for joining me during my work week! Together with my colleagues in Seed Valley, I work to ensure the global availability of healthy vegetables and colourful flowers. In doing so, we constantly face new challenges. The big question is: What will you do?

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