Louise Fresco joins the Syngenta Board of Directors. “Her experience and expertise in sustainable healthy food production together with her ability to engage people in the benefits of science and agriculture will be greatly valued.” (Frank Ning, Syngenta Chairman)

Louise is a well-known Dutch scientist and writer. She is the current President of Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands. She previously had board roles at the University of Amsterdam, Unilever and the United Nations. Louise has published multiple books and writes a bi-weekly column in NRC, the leading evening newspaper of The Netherlands. Her most successful book “Hamburgers in Paradise, the stories behind the food we eat,” has been translated into 13 languages.

Syngenta announced it will accelerate its innovation to address the increasing challenges faced by farmers around the world including climate change, soil erosion, and biodiversity loss, as well as changing consumer expectations and views on agricultural technology.

“Joining the Board will give me a chance to work towards more sustainable food production and reducing the environmental impact based on the latest scientific insights,” said Fresco. “I am particularly interested in how the best science can help smallholders increase yields sustainably.”