Climate is changing

A changing climate has led to extreme weather conditions around the world. This can cause stress for our plants. What will you do?


Too warm, too cold, too wet, too dry. Plants get stressed due to climate changing.

Literally: their growth slows down and they become less productive – or they simply die. The harvest get lost. 


Problem is clear, how can we solve this?

We need improved varieties that are resistant to drought, are able to grow in saline soils, or which are suitable for modern cultivation methods.

We work on crops with a higher yield with less use of space, energy and water. In this way we make an important contribution to the availability of healthy vegetables and colorful flowers.


“I help develop beans for Africa, these are drought and heat resistant. It’s impressive. A lot is possible within plant breeding! You can use your creativity while you improve the world!”

Paul Kuin
Research Assistent Marker Technology at Pop Vriend Seeds
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Seed Valley: Global centre

The Netherlands is the leader in the development of new plant varieties. Did you know that about half of all vegetables in the world originate from the companies in Seed Valley?