2 billion more mouths to feed

To feed everyone with healthy vegetables, higher yields are needed with less use of space and energy. What are you going to do?


By 2050, the world population will have increased by more than two billion people.

In order to keep producing enough healthy vegetables for everyone, we need higher yields tha trequire less acreage, energy, fresh water, and minderals to grow. 


Problem is clear, how can we solve this?

Plant breeders and researchers love these challenges. They develop the new vegetable and flower varieties that will have a longer shelf life and are resistant to diseases. High quality seeds is the investment for any farmer in a profitable harvest.

High quality seeds is not enough. Knowledge about the optimum cultivation methods is just as valuable. That is why crop consultants from seed companies travel all over the world to share their knowledge with local growers.


“They say that breeding is the art of throwing away, and that’s right. It is a slow process that often ends in disappointment. You will need to deal with that. But it’s all worth it when you will come up with something innovative! That will give you the goosebumps! It is exciting when you have something in your hands that will c hange the sector”.

Frank van Kampen
Breeder green beans at Pop Vriend
seedvalley purple

Seed Valley: global centre

In Seed Valley, we work on the development of new vegetable and flower varieties. Dutch seeds are sold across the globe.

Even though the world is changing, one thing will remains the same: We still need to eat!