If only it were that simple

Bioinformatics specialists and data analysts are essential for this task: they develop the algorithms that recognize relevant genetic patterns in large amounts of DNA data. What will you do?


A small cucumber seed looks inconspicuous, but inside it is bursting with technical ingenuity.

To develop a succesful variety, a modern seed company uses high-tech tools.


The search for the perfect plant has become a real data enigma.

We use state-of-the-art analysis equipment to systematically study the DNA of plants and identify desirable characteristics. We do this on a large scale, for large quantities of plants, and at a fast pace. Breeding companies collect millions of data points each year.

Lot’s of data can be fun, but the trick is to draw useful conclusions from it! So the plant breeders can move forward. 


“There is not one way to do my job. I am constantly puzzling. There is no standard by which to measure possibilities and each possibility can lead to a different outcome. Sometimes I make huge steps that are very motivating, but sometimes I’m stuck for weeks! Well, that keeps me creative!”

Brendon Walter
Researcher at Incotec
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Seed Valley: global centre

Bioinformatics specialists and data analysts are essential to breed new varieties!

The Netherlands is the leader in the development of new plant varieties. Did you know that about half of all vegetables in the world originate from the companies in Seed Valley?