Seed enhancement company Incotec has had a very good year. With a 13% increase in turnover, the company can speak of excellent figures. Incotec is used to strong growth of more than 10% annually. In 2014 the figures were slightly disappointing for the first time. In 2015 Incotec is back on the upward curve in a challenging market where many, mainly North and South American field crops companies, are facing problems. 

Incotec is specialized in seed improvement technology for vegetable and field crops seeds. Using innovative techniques, the quality of seed, and therefore the yield, are strongly improved. Incotec is operational worldwide. Turnover increase is seen particularly in Brazil, China, The United States and India. Incotec recently opened a second production location in China, and in the Netherlands the company is building a new Innovation Center where all research activities will be concentrated.

source: Incotec