Seed production research (focus on entomology)

Hbo Warmenhuizen

What you tell your friends you are doing

“I contribute to improving pollination in seed productions.”

What you are going to do

At Bejo you can conduct your own research on vegetable seed production with the focus on entomology. Insects are very important for seed production in several different ways; whether in pollination, as pests or natural enemies of pests (biological control). In this research, the focus is mainly on understanding and improving pollination on seed production. You will investigate the interactions among plants, pollinators and the environment. With this knowledge, your own experiences and literature review you will develop ideas and methods for improving insect pollination within seed production. The trials take place in the field, greenhouse and laboratories of Bejo in Warmenhuizen. Next to that, you will have the opportunity to join projects that involve integrated pest management and seed production methods.

This internship enables you to develop your own questions, research hypothesis and conduct trials. You gain experience in planning and performing field, greenhouse and laboratory experiments, insect-plant interactions, seed production methods, laboratory techniques and data analyses. At the end of your internship, you will have the opportunity to present your results, conclusions, and recommendations to the Seed Production Research Department.

Natural talent

  • You are a BSc degree student in plant science, biological sciences, horticulture or agronomy.
  • You have interest in horticulture/agriculture, plant science and plant-insect interactions.
  • You have excellent English communication skills.
  • You have a valid driving license.
  • You are available from June 2021 until September 2021.

About Bejo

Bejo is a global player in the vegetable seed business with over 1,900 employees in 31 countries. We are a multinational company, but everything still shows that Bejo has traditionally been a family-owned business. The company pays attention to its personnel, focuses on the long term and goes for sustainable relationships in the chain. The organization is characterized by a flat structure, the employees have an open, down-to-earth attitude and always have both feet on the ground. Our employees are committed, have a passion for the product and are constantly looking for innovation.

Bejo employees literally have both feet on the ground. We work with and in nature. One day you are in the office, the next you are in a cabbage field. You are at our Research Center or perhaps visiting a grower in Asia. Bejo is looking for passionate people for various positions and workplaces. From (International) Representative to Researcher, from Application Manager to Breeder, from Production Administrator to Marketing & Communication Advisor.

More than 700 employees work for Bejo in the Netherlands, divided over several locations and main departments: Breeding, Research, Supply Chain, Seed Production, Operations, Sales and Staff. Bejo’s head office is located in Warmenhuizen. The other locations are spread across the Netherlands. We breed and produce our vegetable seeds at various locations in the Netherlands: Warmenhuizen, Heerhugowaard, Luttelgeest, Breda, Kessel, Melderslo, Reuver and Venlo.

Take your chance

If you´re interested, check the Bejo website for further details. For more information, contact Cleide Dias (entomologist) at or 0226-396162.