Intern Seed Pathology


What you tell your friends you are doing

“I do research to improve Enza Zaden’s monitoring strategy in the light of biological processes.”

What you are going to do

Lettuce is an important crop for Enza Zaden and breeding programs ensure the constant development of new varieties. Lettuce is however the target of many diseases that can hinder the breeding process and seed production. Among those, Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV) is particularly detrimental since it can be transmitted to and by seeds. Alongside, LMV can be transmitted by multiple aphid species. Among the diverse prophylactic measures put in place to keep our crops free from LMV, disease monitoring plays an important role. Hence, it is important to develop efficient and timely monitoring strategies that are based on the infection process.

  • You will assess the impact of different transmission modes, developmental stages, and sampling strategies, on the outcome of detection methods and how those correlates with symptomatology.
    • You will be performing experiments both in a greenhouse setting and in the laboratory.
    • You will be part of the Seed Pathology research team and will collaborate with the Phytopathology department.

Natural talent

  • You are a student enrolled in BSc or MSc education (biology, seed or plant pathology/or diagnostic oriented), preferably in your final year;
  • You have affinity with plants and are not afraid of insects;
  • You have excellent planning skills;
  • You are accurate;
  • You have strong analytical skills;
  • You have good communication skills in the English language.

About Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. And produces and sells its seeds all over the world. They have made an animation to explain to you properly (and as briefly as possible) what we do.

The purpose of their work? To offer everyone worldwide access to healthy and varied vegetables. With more than 2000 passionate colleagues all over the world, Enza Zaden worsk together every day on the vegetables of tomorrow.

Take your chance

Apply online to their Recruitment department,  Do you have a question or do you want to learn more about the position? You can always contact Annemarie Weening, Recruiter, via +31 62970 6834