Who we are

Seed Valley

Seed Valley in the northwest of the Netherlands is the international center of plant breeding and seed technology. It is home to dozens of innovative companies that develop high-quality vegetable and flower varieties for the horticulture sector.

Seed Valley is where ‘green software’ is developed, the genetic programming that determines how vegetables taste, the color and size of a flower, and a plant’s level of resistance  to diseases. Here, specialists work continually on new plant varieties with higher yields and optimum growth under specific climate conditions.

From the Seed Valley region, plant reproduction material and associated technology is exported to customers worldwide, contributing to a healthy and flowering world.

Board of directors

The board of the Seed Valley Foundation consists of representatives of seed companies, education institutes and governemental bodies.

  • Hein Bemelmans Enza Zaden Chairman
  • Kees Mosch Bejo Zaden Secretary
  • Jeroen de Haas De Groot en Slot Treasurer
  • Peter van der Toorn Syngenta
  • Gerard Oud Clusius College
  • Erik-Jan Bartels Incotec
  • Ernst van den Ende Wageningen Universiteit