Pop Vriend Seeds has been acquired by KWS Saat. This German breeder is fourth on the list of largest breeding companies worldwide.

Lara Timmerman, CEO of Pop Vriend Seeds: “We are very excited about KWS, a family business with a long history and sustainable ambitions in plant breeding. KWS is committed to continue and expand our activities, from our Andijk location. Good news for our people, their families and our customers worldwide.”

Pop Vriend Seeds is one of the Seed Valley founding fathers and has been our partner since the very start. They are the current market leader in spinach seeds. The company has grown significantly in the past few years. A brand new lab saw the light in 2014 and, 2500 m² was added to their warehouse in 2018.

Pop Vriend Seeds is very excited about having access to new technologies at KWS. “I am convinced that vegetable seed breeding has amazing potential. New technologies will give our industry tons of chances of which growers will benefit. For our company to have full access to a candy store of technology and expertise at KWS is a very exciting idea to me.” Lara Timmerman writes on her social media. KWS Saat hopes to enhance their position in vegetable breeding by this acquisition.