Rabobank and Seed Valley extend their fruitful partnership. The bank will continue as a partner of Seed Valley for the next three years. Last week, Bob van der Hout, Director Food & Agri, and Erik Jan Bartels, Chairman of Seed Valley, reaffirmed their collaboration. The seed sector holds significant economic importance, and both Rabobank and Seed Valley aim to inspire new generations to join the seeds and young plants industry. They seek to enhance education-to-employment alignment and promote innovation.

Making an impact together
Erik Jan Bartels emphasizes the significance of this agreement, stating, “The partnership with Rabobank strengthens our network. Its sector knowledge and networking opportunities contribute to our ambition to raise even more awareness about the seed sector.” Bob van der Hout, Director Food & Agri at Rabobank, confirms this: “Seed Valley is a global leader in plant breeding and seed technology. With its origins in North Holland North, our backyard, they ensure food security for our future. They have a forward-thinking ambition that aligns with ours.”

In the coming years, Seed Valley will continue to inspire potential employees to join this thriving sector. Alongside close collaborations with education, the focus lies on stimulating innovation within the network. Rabobank embraces Seed Valley’s focus and provides added value with its expertise and network. Together, they are building a fruitful future.

About Seed Valley
The Netherlands is a global leader in the development of new vegetable and flower varieties and related technology. Seed Valley is the designation for the global center for plant breeding and seed technology, located in the northern part of North Holland. More than forty innovative companies develop high-quality varieties and new technology for vegetable and ornamental flower cultivation. From here, seeds are distributed to local growers worldwide.

The Seed Valley collaboration was established fifteen years ago when seed breeding companies anticipated challenges in attracting a sufficient number of qualified employees. Annually, these companies in North Holland have about 400 vacancies. Under the Seed Valley banner, future employees are encouraged to pursue education and careers in the seed industry.

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V.l.n.r.: Jeroen de Haas (Seed Valley), Erik Jan Bartels (Seed Valley), Louis Brink (Rabobank), Bob van der Hout (Rabobank).

About Rabobank
Rabobank, as a cooperative bank, is committed to a sustainable future for its customers, including those in the agricultural sector. We support farmers, horticulturists, and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector with the challenges and opportunities of our time. Together, we ensure the continuity of the business and work on innovation, digitization, and a transition towards sustainability. We do this with knowledge, networks, and financial solutions. Thus, Rabobank serves as a bridge between technological advancement and agricultural entrepreneurs towards a modern, sustainable, and efficient agricultural sector.