Krishidhan Seeds Europe, producer of patented ECO-certified gluconates for the plant grower industry, today announced they have extended their distribution channel through a new exclusive agreement with Florencis Commodities. Florencis is the trading arm of the Moolenaar group, a large international export and distribution group headquartered in Rotterdam.

As of the 1st of August 2011, the agreement entitles Florencis to distribute and resell Krishidhan’s gluconate product line (Gluco Mix, Gluco Zink, Gluco Calbor) in the world markets for organic farming, excluding India and the Netherlands. Through Florencis’s network of distribution channels, Krishidhan will be able to strengthen its presence in the organic nutrients market.

“Florencis’s network will definitely provide us with the market penetration needed to reach our full sales potential. Krishidhan has considered many distribution partners and we are confident that Florencis’s professional network, as well as their excellent market knowhow, will help us leverage our position in the nutrients market,” said Jan Tamboer, CEO of Krishidhan Seeds Europe.

“The unique and patented gluconate product line increases growth, resistance levels and yield of productions of agronomical products such as vegetables, field crops, et cetera. It will give us a unique position in the Agro industry. That is why we at Florencis are excited with the possibilities this cooperation gives to our company”, said Kees Moolenaar, CEO of Florencis Commodities.